I am

David Zhao

22 years old

I grew up on Calvin and Hobbes. I think I've read every strip.

At least 23 apparently.

always looking to learn

Whether that be Chinese by watching CDramas like Please Classmate 拜托了班长;
or React Native (building an app for data-driven puppy potty training);
or chess;
or how to deidentify data at scale;
or piano & trumpet.

Aug 1999 to Jun 2010

from Maryland

I grew up in Lisbon, Maryland with a brief stint in Houston, TX. Since the start of high school, I've been living in various parts of Northern Virginia and Charlottesville, and currently reside in Alexandria.

Aug 2016 to May 2019

a Wahoo

University of Virginia, class of 2019

I received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a second major in Statistics. My time at UVA was divided between coursework, full and pit orchestras (I play trumpet!), HooHacks (organizing takes a bit of work), among other things.

Aug 2019 to Oct 2021

a Forward Deployed Software Engineer

@ Palantir Technologies

I've done a bit of everything -- rack servers, install and configure our products, build Spark pipelines, dev on core product, work adjacent to our privacy and civil liberties team, building recruiting Hackerranks -- supporting our US government work. I joined for the mission & people and have learned how to tackle hard, controversial, sensitive, important problems head-on.

Feb 2019 to Present

a Climber

In my last semester at UVA, I signed up for a climbing class on a whim — thanks Andrew! — and I've fallen in love with bouldering. Got my first V5 in a long while just this past August. And I've done one outdoor top-roping session at Carderock, which was both terrifying and fun.

happy to chat

(281) 961-7541